Surrounded by Enemies: A Breakpoint Novel (English Edition) par Bryce Zabel

Surrounded by Enemies: A Breakpoint Novel (English Edition) par Bryce Zabel

Titre de livre: Surrounded by Enemies: A Breakpoint Novel (English Edition)

Auteur: Bryce Zabel

Broché: 334 pages

Date de sortie: November 3, 2015

Éditeur: Diversion Books

Bryce Zabel avec Surrounded by Enemies: A Breakpoint Novel (English Edition)

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What if Kennedy survived Dallas?

President John F. Kennedy has lived through the ambush in Dealey Plaza. America holds its collective breath, seeing its president nearly executed in broad daylight. But as the country marches on, the office of the President finds itself under a much more insidious type of fire. Political scandal, an endless war, and a country coming apart at the seams take the 1960’s in a terrifying new direction, and both John and his attorney-general brother, Bobby, struggle to stay ahead of their enemies, political and otherwise, and steer America toward a greater future.

Bryce Zabel is a master of the cover-up and the conspiracy, creating the Emmy-award winning series DARK SKIES. SURROUNDED BY ENEMIES is the first novel in the new Breakpoint series—each book exploring seminal moments in popular history and taking readers on a journey into a mirror world where events are both unexpected yet startlingly believable.

This savvy, fiercely intelligent novel, perfect for readers of Harry Turtledove, brings together elements of political thriller and page-turning history, enthralling readers with a sharply written take on the America that was, and the America that could have been.


"I have some experience with shattered timelines and altered realities but this one kept me guessing every page.”—Damon Lindelof, writer/producer of LOST, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS

“Plausible development, building from what we know about what really did go on, and a whacking good story…SURROUNDED BY ENEMIES delivers on both, big-time. So hold on to your hats, folks. You’re in for quite a ride.”—Harry Turtledove, alternative history author, HOW FEW REMAIN