Hundertwasser (Poster Portfolios) par From Taschen GmbH

Hundertwasser (Poster Portfolios) par From Taschen GmbH

Titre de livre: Hundertwasser (Poster Portfolios)

Auteur: From Taschen GmbH

ISBN: 3822814253

From Taschen GmbH avec Hundertwasser (Poster Portfolios)

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Friedrich Stowasser (1928, Vienna - 2000, New Zealand), better known by the name of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, was a painter, thinker, and architect, or rather a doctor of architecture, as he declared in his manifesto of the 24th of January 1990. His architectural creations, organic and full of imagination, may have been influenced by the works of Antoni Gaudí. Yet, Hundertwasser was more radical in his philosophy. As expressed in his remarkable eco-artistic manifestos, and other achievements (paintings, posters, stamps, houses, and architectural designs), his message remains profoundly and viscerally ecological. His pictorial work is characterised by an organic abundance of forms and by the brilliance of its colours.

Hundertwasser is an artist who is diffi cult to classify. With his tremendous love of nature, he is one of the pioneers of humanist and environmentalist architecture, which attempted to reconcile creativity and ecology. This vision has been shared by many young artists all over the world and by the founders of eco-villages.