Max Ernst : Retrospective

Max Ernst : Retrospective

Titre de livre: Max Ernst : Retrospective

Broché: 304 pages

Date de sortie: January 20, 2013

ISBN: 3775734473

Éditeur: Hatje Cantz

Max Ernst : Retrospective

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Max Ernst (1891 1976) is one of the most versatile artists of the modern era. Starting out as a Dadaist in Cologne, he soon became one of the pioneers of Surrealism in Paris. In his persistent discovery of new figures, forms, and techniques, Ernst continued to reorient himself throughout his life, creating a unique body of work whose development was influenced by his eventful life and changing domiciles in Europe and America. The ingenuity in his treatment of the sources of his paintings and inspiration, the different stages of his work, and the changing themes are stunning. The publication shows the wealth of the artist s oeuvre in an exemplary selection of around 170 paintings, drawings, collages, and sculptures, making it possible to experience his approach, which involved drawing on the past, the current political events of the day, and a prophetic, visionary view of the future.