Moonwatch only : La référence Omega Speedmaster par Grégoire Rossier, Anthony Marquié

Moonwatch only : La référence Omega Speedmaster par Grégoire Rossier, Anthony Marquié

Titre de livre: Moonwatch only : La référence Omega Speedmaster

Auteur: Grégoire Rossier, Anthony Marquié

ISBN: 2940506027

Grégoire Rossier, Anthony Marquié avec Moonwatch only : La référence Omega Speedmaster

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  • The only book on this timeless watch icon, with over 125 models identified and presented and over 250 constituent parts codified and analysed

  • Beautifully illustrated throughout

'It makes perfect sense to publish a book called Moonwatch Only. The OMEGA Speedmaster Professional - the Moonwatch - has done things that no other timepiece has done and it's been worn in places where only a few human beings have been.' Captain Eugene Cernan, the last man on the Moon

Initially designed for automobile racing teams and engineers, the Omega Speedmaster embarked on a very different trajectory when NASA chose it to accompany astronauts heading for the moon in 1965. Its involvement in the space adventure has propelled the Moonwatch to the top of the list of celebrated timepieces.

After years of research and observation, the authors present a complete panorama of the Moonwatch in a systematic work that is both technical and attractive, making it the essential reference book for this legendary watch.

'It is an indescribable reference work and a true must-have for every Speedmaster collector' Forbes

'This book sets a new standard. Not only for books on the Omega Speedmaster, but for watch books in general. I've never seen anything like it, and believe me I could fill an impressive sized wall with books on watches. Authors of other books or publishers should take a look at Moonwatch Only as well to see how it should be done.' Fratello Watches

Although they are not from a watchmaking background, the authors' commitment and research have enabled them to build an extensive store of knowledge in this sector. Their independent approach has brought fresh insight on the subject, devoid of any conflict of interest and based on a rigorous, innovative methodology. Anthony Marquié is a French national and a trained aeronautical engineer. He swiftly turned to an international career in finance and investments. He has always been a collector of both modern and vintage watches, including many icons from the Omega production. Today he spends a lot of his time looking for rare examples, as well as studying the market for prestigious watches and collector's pieces. His insight into the way this market functions makes him a valuable consultant to several major brands and manufacturers. Grégoire Rossier is a Swiss biologist specialising in bioinformatics. He became a watch enthusiast at the age of 13 when he inherited his first Omega Seamaster, but it was only much later that he started serious research on the Moonwatch. Applying his experience as a researcher, he developed a systematic database of thousands of entries referencing all his observations as well as the market trends for several versions of the Speedmaster. This database reinforces the scientific approach that has guided this work.