Caillou, Storybook Treasury: Ten Bestselling Stories par Chouette Publishing

Caillou, Storybook Treasury: Ten Bestselling Stories par Chouette Publishing

Titre de livre: Caillou, Storybook Treasury: Ten Bestselling Stories

Auteur: Chouette Publishing

ISBN: 2897181494

Chouette Publishing avec Caillou, Storybook Treasury: Ten Bestselling Stories

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Caillou has been part of children's lives since 1989, first accompanying them on their daily journey with the books and then enchanting them with the superb animation of the television series. The twenty-fifth anniversary storybook is embellished for this special occasion with foil edges and a glittering cover. Preschoolers and their parents will love reading this treasury together. The Caillou Storybook Treasury includes ten bestselling adventures: 1. Caillou Puts Away His Toys: Daddy has a great new idea to help Caillou keep his toys tidy. 2. The Phone Call: Caillou feels left out when Mommy is busy on the phone all morning. 3. The School Bus: Caillou is excited when he gets to take his first ride on the big school bus. 4. My Day Care Friends: Caillou is going to day care for the first time. With help from his new friends, the day will pass very quickly. 5. Caillou at the Zoo: Caillou learns that animals too have families. 6. Caillou at the Market: Mommy takes Rosie and Caillou to the market to buy ingredients for a special cake. 7. Where's Gilbert?: Caillou is playing with Gilbert. When Caillou takes a break for a snack, Gilbert disappears. 8. Caillou Learns to Skate: Mommy and Daddy make a skating rink in the yard. 9. The Picnic: Caillou and Leo have fun pretending to be knights. 10. The Favorite T-Shirt: Caillou is sad when he realizes that he has grown too big for his favorite T-shirt.


"Renowned the world over, Caillou is a delightful character all children will fall in love with. This large book includes ten of Caillou’s best stories, covering a wide range of topics. The hardcover is sturdy, and the gold-foiled page edges give a celebratory quality to the book. Children will love to read the entire book over and over. It’s good the book is sturdy, because you’ll need it with so many repeat readings!" —The Children's Book Review

Eric Sévigny is a graphic artist and the illustrator of numerous Caillou titles, such as Caillou: Every Drop Counts, Caillou: Happy Holidays, and Caillou Puts Away His Toys.