Beyblade : Zyro et Kite par Cerise bleue

Beyblade : Zyro et Kite par Cerise bleue

Titre de livre: Beyblade : Zyro et Kite

Auteur: Cerise bleue

Date de sortie: October 25, 2013

ISBN: 2758307243

Éditeur: Cerise bleue

Cerise bleue avec Beyblade : Zyro et Kite

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Kite Unabara - Kite unsatisfied, challenged Zyro to a battle again. Kite then told Eight that it was time for the Synchrom and Eight tossed Kite Guardian Revizer and Orojya chrome wheel. Kite turns his back on Zyro and then turns around with a new bey Orochi Leviathan - Guardian Leviathan with Orochi's chrome wheel instead of Leviathanr's)crystal wheel.. Shogun Steel: Synchrome vs. Synchrome - Zyro and Shinobu challenge Kite and Eight to a Synchrome battle. Watch more Beyblade on Cartoon Network! About Beyblade: Metal Fury Show: In Beyblade Metal Fury, the key to Earth's salvation lies within 10 star fragments, mysterious artifacts that can unlock incredible power. The few who possess these star fragments are called Legendary Bladers.. Beyblade Shogun Steel - Zyro et ses amis se lancent à l’assaut du QG de la DNA, pour découvrir si Gingka a be et bien rejoint le camp de leur ennemi. Ils rencontrent Karura, un blader qui prétend commander aux éléments naturels avec sa toupie. L’équipe perce son secret et Kite le bat lors d’un combat beyblade.. Zyro Kurogane - Manga render of Zyro Kurogane. Zyro has large and spiky black hair with a flaming orange-red highlight. With a pale-white skin tone, Zyro has big spiked, black eyebrows and dark blue eyes.. One shots. (Yaoi.) - Read Beyblade. Sakyo X Kite. from the story One shots. (Yaoi.) by Maru went to hang out with Manager and Zyro today. So, Kite figured he'd have to . Zyro x Baker!Reader - You blushed, Zyro was still holding your hand. Slipping your hand out of his you smiled at the group of people before you. "Alright, {y/n} this is Shinobu, Ren, Takanosuke, Kite, Eight, and Maru. This is {y/n} m-" "You didn't tell us you had a girlfriend Zyro!" Ren shouted, and this made Zyro's face turn as red as a tomato.. Beyblade: Shogun Steel - Beyblade: Shogun Steel (Metal Fight Beyblade Zero-G) is an anime of the Beyblade Series, and the fourth season of the Metal Saga. Zyro, Shinobi, Eight . Zyro Kurogane - Zyro Kurogane is the main character of the series, Beyblade: Shogun Steel. His Beyblade is Kaiser Ifrit, which is an upgraded version of his previous . Metal Fight Beyblade Zero - In the continuation of Zero's battle with Yoshio to avenge Kite, Metal Fight Beyblade Zero-G Episode 25 2018 Dailymotion . Sakyou Kuroyami - Sakyo Kuroyami (Im Japanischen: 黒闇 左京) ist ein Charakter aus der der Staffel Beyblade Shogun Steel und besitzt den Bey Dark Knight Dragoon. Sein .