The Geopolitics of Energy par Jean-Pierre Favennec

The Geopolitics of Energy par Jean-Pierre Favennec

Titre de livre: The Geopolitics of Energy

Auteur: Jean-Pierre Favennec

ISBN: 2710809702

Jean-Pierre Favennec avec The Geopolitics of Energy

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Rarely has the world's energy sector known such a complicated and fragile environment as that being experienced in 2011. Energy demand is increasing rapidly and is largely met by fossil fuels and by hydraulic and nuclear power. The development of shale gas, currently the source of half the natural gas production in the United States, meets strong opposition in a number of European countries. Even more serious, the accident at Fukushima has put into question the future development of nuclear power, particularly in Europe, but also in the US. This book is in two parts. The first sets out the major characteristics of the energy sector. The second provides an analysis of the global energy issues region by region and details the geopolitical aspects. This work is well illustrated and accessible to all, as it does not require any specific prior knowledge. It will particularly interest readers seeking a global perspective of a sector that is fundamental both to our economy and our international policies.