Le Breton (Sans Peine) par Divi Kervella

Le Breton (Sans Peine) par Divi Kervella

Titre de livre: Le Breton (Sans Peine)

Auteur: Divi Kervella

ISBN: 2700507231

Divi Kervella avec Le Breton (Sans Peine)

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Breton, whose foundations date back to the Middle Ages is a language of Celtic origin. |The regional language has undergone the French policy of expansion, it now finds little place in the cities and countryside. This method proposes to introduce you to the Breton language while you are soaking up the amazing culture that is inseparable. Breton gives you all the tools, in a few months to master the basics of the language, devote 20 to 30 minutes daily. 100 lessons, much of the grammar and vocabulary used is discussed so that you can communicate easily in the life of everyday Britons. Breton lessons and book translation exercises, are performed by professional native speakers.