Python Cookbook (Oreilly Cookbooks) par Brian  K.  Jones, David Beazley

Python Cookbook (Oreilly Cookbooks) par Brian K. Jones, David Beazley

Titre de livre: Python Cookbook (Oreilly Cookbooks)

Auteur: Brian K. Jones, David Beazley

ISBN: 1449378722

Brian K. Jones, David Beazley avec Python Cookbook (Oreilly Cookbooks)

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There's no time to take programming lessons when you’re facing a deadline. Python Cookbook helps you solve everyday problems quickly with code you can use in your applications right away -- whether you’re using Python as an object-oriented language, a scripting language, or a functional language.

Updated for Python 2.6 and 3.x, the third edition of this book provides easy-to-find recipes for everything from simple tasks, such as working with dictionaries and list comprehensions, to complex tasks such as monitoring a network and building a templating system. Each recipe also includes an explanation of how and why it works. You’ll get the job done faster and learn more about Python in the process.

Topics include:

  • Manipulating text
  • Searching and sorting
  • Working with files and the filesystem
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Dealing with threads and processes
  • System administration
  • Interacting with databases
  • Network and web programming
  • Processing XML
  • Distributed programming
  • Debugging and testing
  • Plus new chapters on time, money, and metaprogramming

Brian K. Jones works on the cutting edge of web 2.0-land, building and optimizing sites, and helping others do the same. He is an infrastructure architect, operations developer, and system administrator. He is also co-author of Linux Server Hacks, Volume Two , as well as the upcoming Python Cookbook, Third Edition. He's the creator of Python Magazine, and a freelance technical writer/editor, trainer, and advisor. He's also a member of the Linux User Group in Princeton (LUG/IP) and PhillyPUG, plays a mean game of straight pool, brews beer, plays guitar, and writes a good bit of code, usually in Python.

David Beazley is an independent software developer and book author living in the city of Chicago. He primarily works on programming tools, provide custom software development, and teach practical programming courses for software developers, scientists, and engineers. He is best known for his work with the Python programming language, for which he has created several open-source packages (e.g., Swig and PLY) and authored the acclaimed Python Essential Reference. He also has significant experience with systems programming in C, C++, and assembly language.