Springboard Shakespeare: King Lear par Ben Crystal

Springboard Shakespeare: King Lear par Ben Crystal

Titre de livre: Springboard Shakespeare: King Lear

Auteur: Ben Crystal

ISBN: 1408164671

Ben Crystal avec Springboard Shakespeare: King Lear

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Ben Crystal King Lear is a towering drama of personal and national tragedy. This accessible introduction offers a springboard into the play, taking a hands-on, performance-based approach, exploring the challenges and the rewards it presents to actors, audiences and students.Ben Crystal takes you through exactly what you need to know before, during and after the play, combining a genuine passion and understanding of Shakespeare with his experience as an actor, and giving the reader a clear route to thinking about, understanding and enjoying King Lear. Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing Paperback ISBN 9781408164679

'Having Crystal as a companion through the stickier parts of Hamlet and Macbeth is like going to the theatre with an intelligent friend.' --The Independent

'A highly worthwhile series, which should prove to be valuable for directors, actors and students…This formula really works. As an experiment, your dedicated reviewer tried out Macbeth in preparation for and following on from the Eve Best production of the Globe. The experience was definitely improved, with some of the tips on words and language proving especially helpful and enlightening… These really are excellent little guides that will prove informative to almost anybody with an interest in the subject.' --Philip Fisher, British Theatre Guide

Ben Crystal is an actor and author. His books include The Shakespeare Miscellany, Shakespeare's Words and Shakespeare on Toast.