And a Kangaroo Too par Collectif

And a Kangaroo Too par Collectif

Titre de livre: And a Kangaroo Too

Auteur: Collectif

ISBN: 0642130787

Collectif avec And a Kangaroo Too

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Paperback. Pub Date: Jun Pages 1997: 58 in Publisher: National Gallery of Australia in Click on the Google Preview image above to the read some pages of this book! Images of animals building religious ~ Australian Aboriginal Art. Goannas. Magpie Geese. Crocodiles. Kangaroos. Emus. Possums and Turtles are among the many wondrous animals that inhabit this book. Each double page introduces with its Aboriginal name a different animal of the Dreamtime.

A collection of images of animals in Australian Aboriginal art, including goannas, magpie geese, crocodiles, emus, possums and turtles. Each double page introduces, with its Aboriginal names, a painted animal from the Dreamtime, taken from Aboriginal art.